Outsourcing Housework

Even if your business is just getting started, there's already something you can delegate.

Delegation is hard.

While it's possible to delegate too soon when starting a new business, my experience is that most people struggle to delegate at all and end up delegating too little and way too late.

However, if you don't do it already, anyone can start a delegation habit the moment they start their business by hiring a local company to clean their house and do their yard work.

We pay our cleaner $80 to clean our house, and they do it every two weeks. Typically two cleaners will come over and tidy up the entire house, vacuum, clean all the bathrooms, and wipe down every single surface.

My wife and I specifically go on a breakfast date every time they come. When we walk in the entire house feels new again. It's amazing.

At this early stage where we're starting new businesses from scratch, this $160/month is probably the biggest ROI we're getting right now.

Consider both the personal value and the business value we receive from never having to do "real" vacuuming, or scrubbing dirty bathrooms with gloves and cleaning supplies, or tidying everything up.

Instead of finding time and spending hours doing that stuff, we live a very casual life with regard to clean-up and chores, trying to keep things semi-tidy, but generally not thinking too much about it as the place is slowly descending into chaos with layers of film, dust, and grime collecting on all the surfaces.

If we didn't have the cleaners coming and the place just continued it's downward spiral, we would be really unhappy.

On the other hand, if we left it to ourselves to do all that work, it would be a nagging source of stress, guilt, and pressure on us, or the work would end up falling unevenly between us and that creates it's own stress, guilt, and pressure in a relationship.

And even if we did do all of our chores, doing the work would be a distraction from much more valuable things we could be doing, both in our personal lives but also in business.

There already isn't enough time in the day for all the important things there are to do in getting a business off the ground. Delegating minutia is a simple way to make sure you've got as many of those hours as possible to generate the value you're looking for in your life and your business.

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